The digital demands of most business’ and homes are growing exponentially. The corporate world is looking for major bandwidth, speed and security. Residential users want to be able to stream 2-4 movies at any given time. Fraserway PreKast Ltd. (FWP) has been working with Optic Zoo for the last two years to bring dark fibre optic services to Vancouver. Mike Savage, Technical Sales Representative at FWP explains, “Optic Zoo has been growing their customer base at a tremendous rate, and with our local precast manufacturing facility we are able to meet the demands for their underground infrastructure by supplying concrete vaults and manholes for the dark fibre network. The manufacturing facility’s quality management system is designed to meet ISO 9001:2008 standards, we are able to produce a concrete product that is consistent and delivered on demand.

What is Dark Fibre Optic?

Dark fibre is a system of fibre optics that can be leased to companies who want to establish optical connections without the need to connect through the phone company. Optic Zoo owns and manages an extensive dark fibre network in metro Vancouver. The fibre installation requires a precast concrete vaults and manhole infrastructure. Businesses prefer this dark fibre solution to ensure data runs uninterrupted at very fast speeds. Several local businesses such as HootsuiteAviligon Security SolutionsCologix Data Center use Optic Zoo solutions. Fraserway PreKast has been working with Optic Zoo Networks over the last few years to provide precast concrete vaults, manhole roof slabs, riser rings and cable racking that facilitate the underground installation of the fibre optic network.

Fraserway PreKast delivers the 100th Optic Zoo manhole

The milestone 100th Optic Zoo manhole was supplied by Fraserway Prekast and installed in October 2016. Michelle Adams, BBA says the following, “Fraserway Prekast has provided Optic Zoo with great service, a quality product, and short lead times. They have accommodated special requests in a timely manner to help facilitate Optic Zoo’s rapid expansion. We appreciate the attention and care that the Fraserway team has provided Optic Zoo over the last couple of years, and we will continue to depend on Fraserway for their exceptional service.”

“This has been a great project to work on,” says Mike Savage. “Optic Zoo is a great company and are providing a solution that is not readily available or known about in Vancouver for companies who have major digital requirements. Take a look down, next time you are in Gastown, Downtown Vancouver, False Creek or Yaletown and check out the custom made manhole covers, – now that is cool.”

For communications vaults, manholesjunction and service boxes, or custom structural precast products call Mike Savage for design collaboration and quotations.