As Metro Vancouver continues to grow, road safety has become a growing concern, and for good reason. When ICBC published the top 10 cities in British Columbia with the most crashes due to dangerous intersections, Langley ranked number five, with over 18,000 crashes from 2005 to 2009*.

with Imperial Paving Ltd. and Crown Contracting to help improve one of the most dangerous intersections in Langley, 16th Avenue and 248th Street. We have provided Traffic Signal Bases and Service Boxes to help drivers navigate these crossroads safely and efficiently.

Since 2004, Fraser PreKast Ltd. has supplied municipalities and contractors throughout Metro Vancouver with high-quality concrete pole bases, controller bases, and service boxes ranging from roadway applications to custom parking lot applications. Though the average driver may not see the concrete, the bases and service boxes are important pieces to intersection safety, it’s something that we  will continue to provide as a way to help make our roads safer.