Fraserway Prekast Ltd.

has  been in Chilliwack working with Metric Civil Inc. for the University of the Fraser Valley’s new Agriculture Centre of Excellence. This university prepares students for various programs in the agriculture industry. Once completed, it will hold state of the art production and laboratory facilities where students will learn dynamic theories and principles in topics like horticulture, farm management, and livestock production.

Precast Concrete provided to Metric Civil Inc.

To assist with the project, Fraserway Prekast Ltd. is providing precast concrete, precast catch basins, precast manholes, and utility products. Precast catch basins are used to capture surface water in parking lots, roadways, and highways and then direct this water to the main storm water system. Precast manholes provide access to pipelines, vaults, detention tanks, and other various structures.

Sustainable Water Systems

These important municipal water works products have been designed by engineers and project staff to integrate sustainable water systems with aggressive construction schedules. With the Centre expected to be completed this winter, it’s vital that Fraserway Prekast Ltd. supply only the highest quality products for important projects on tight timelines.