In 2008 a 60-litre oil spill

on The First Nations community of Klemtu in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest located 750KM north of Vancouver initiated a series of events that led to a $28 million investment in an environment improvement project. Fraserway PreKast along with Can-Dive Contractors and Great Pacific Engineering firm helped to accomplish the Phase II remediation strategy. The Kitasoo Outfall Remediation Project provides protection for the human health of the community, improved environmental conditions including resource management, sustainable remediation and an environmental management regulatory framework.

Along with the fuel spill, historically there has been years of contamination in the area due to the high need of having to use fuels instead of electricity. The Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development’s Federal Contaminated Action program calls this a great success story.

Fraserway PreKast Ltd.

was contracted by Can-Dive Construction to supply 33 concrete doghouse pipe weights for this outfall remediation project. The pipe weights are intended to anchor pipe to the sea floor. The pipes are for sanitary and stormwater outfall which are conveying these out to sea from the local collection system. Each doghouse weighs 535kg. Mike Savage, Technical Sales Rep at Fraserway, explains the custom precast concrete benefit. “Fraserway Prekast’s ability to solve complicated custom structural precast requirements in a very short time frame with in-house formwork allows us to provide our clients with the level of service and a product that meets contract specifications.” Design requirements were to meet the CSA 23.4 standards and through review of our pricing and product submittals the project was designed, approved and manufactured in a 25 day turn-around. “We feel that the cumulative package Fraserway PreKast provided satisfies the general quality assurance requirements for the project. We appreciate your efforts in supporting Can-Dive in the manufacture of the doghouse pipe weights, and for working with us to provide a long-term solution to our client’s needs”, says Adrian Hannam P.Eng, MCPM Mechanical Engineer for GreatPacific Consulting Ltd.

For the 400+ residents of the Kitasoo band, this project utilizing resources from across the country and using innovative technologies such as custom structural concrete has greatly improved their living conditions and provided a framework for self-sustainability, economic development, and resource stewardship.

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