Fraserway Prekast Ltd. 

was chosen as the supplier of parking lot light pole bases by RDM Enterprises  for the upgrade to the Langley City Square shopping complex, including major parking lot improvements. The 12 acre shopping mall complex that includes over 182,000 sq. ft. of leasable space  is going through a major renovation including:

• New Left-in / Left-out from Langley Bypass

• New building facades

• Upgraded parking lot

•Upgraded building systems

Precast concrete light poles for parking lot upgrades

With the access improvements from the Langley Bypass, the parking lot will get improvements including new light poles.  Fraserway will be supplying RDM Enterprises with 20 new precast concrete light pole bases.

The parking lot will have over 500 parking spaces, and with the addition of the new light’s the parking lot will have better lighting providing a safer environment for shoppers.

For project review and quotes for shopping mall, civicmunicipalutility or traffic control precast concrete products, call Mike Savage at 604-240-4962.