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A burial vault is made of high strength concrete and state-of-the-art adhesives to keep the vault waterproof. Need more information? Call us at 604-534-2911.

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Wilbert® Burial Vaults

The role of a burial vault is to protect the casket. A lined burial vault prevents water, bugs and other elements from destroying the casket. Select Wilbert® burial vaults can be personalized in multiple ways with words, symbols, and images including personal photographs that can be applied to the cover of a vault.


The Wilbert Bronze® Vault
Bronze Triune® Vault
Copper Triune® Vault
Stainless Steel Triune® Vault
Cameo Rose® Triune® Vault
Venetian Triune® Vault
Continental® Vault
Oversized Continental® Vault
Monticello® Vault
Monarch Vault
Loved and Cherished® Casket/Vault Combo