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As the official British Columbia licensee and distributor of WILBERT® cemetery products, we can supply and deliver many Wilbert® Urn Vaults. Need more information? Call us on 604-534-2911.

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Urn Vaults

For those who prefer a cremation, there are many options. Many cemeteries require the urn to be in an urn vault, or ossuary. A cremation urn vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the cremation urn, protecting it from the weight of the earth, cemetery maintenance equipment and subsoil elements.


Bronze Triune® Urn Vault
Copper Triune® Urn Vault
Stainless Steel Triune® Urn Vault
Cameo Rose® Urn Vault
Venetian® Urn Vault
Monticello® UrnVault
Universal® P400 Urn Vault