Spring has finally sprung in Metro Vancouver and it’s time to take stock of spring maintenance and home improvement projects. Keeping your property in good repair and adding incremental improvements will reduce long term wear and tear costs and improve the value of your home or property. Exposed aggregate stair treads add aesthetics and are easy to maintain.

Teaming up with Caliber Projects to provide precast stair treads for At The Links

Fraserway Precast Ltd (FWP) is currently working with Caliber Projects on At The Links community development of 55 distinguished townhouses, located in Surrey, BC next to Guilford Golf & Country Club. The community is set amid native landscapes and FWP has provided an exposed aggregate stair tread that fits perfectly with the warmth of the natural environment. The stair treads are a centrepiece of the front of the home.

You don’t have to be able to afford a property At The Links, but you can install exposed aggregate stair treads to beautify the front of your property.

There are many ways to improve the aesthetics of your yard. Landscaping and entertainment areas with both poured and precast concrete can be used for driveways, walkways, pool decks, retaining walls and stair treads. Concrete doesn’t have to be grey and drab. It can be coloured, textured or created with exposed aggregate.

Advantages of exposed aggregate precast stair treads

Made of natural, local raw materials, precast aggregate concrete minimizes the whole life cycle impact on the environment. Precast concrete is durable and an inert substance that will not emit any gases, toxic compounds or volatile organic compounds. Precast concrete staircases are durable, sustainable and perfect for the focus on preserving resources and protecting the environment through sustainable building practices.

Design benefits of exposed aggregate stair treads

Precast concrete is a material that can be used in many applications and for exterior exposed staircases they are beneficial because:

  • Various finishes to suit design parameters
  • Can be designed to fit various stair case shapes such as round,
  • Long lasting
  • Flexible profile (shape of tread) options
  • Acoustic insulation for sound reduction
  • Durable in any weather circumstances
  • Can withstand large fluctuations in temperature changes
  • Do not require special maintenance

Installation benefits

Off-site design and construction of precast provides a better quality product with conformity and integrity of materials. Although exposed aggregate stair treads may be more expensive to produce, the labour and installation time is reduced substantially.

  • Quick installation time frame saves both time and cost
  • Eliminates the need for site shuttering and scaffolding
  • Reduced construction site costs saving weeks on the construction schedule
  • Manufactured components are consistent in size and finish
  • Curing is done off site

Looking to update your property this year? Call Ryan Mathwig at Fraserway PreKast at 604-346-5389 to talk about your project ideas and ways to improve the value of your home. We work with a wide array of construction professionals to help you get the job done.